Fatten The Brattain, 2012

It was a lot of fun!  For those who could not attend, you missed a great event!

Click here for the original invitation page.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

The brother team of Roger "The Ruthless Youthless" and  Greg "The Docile Fossil" Howe challenged the younger generation at badminton.

As this picture indicates, "Hysteric" Erik & Keith "the teeth" were upstaged when they misgauged the aged!

Jennifer & EJ (I assume that's Howe (pardon the pun) you spell "EJ") enjoyed the event.  

I found it interesting to note that Jennifer is now 2 years OLDER than her DAD was at the LAST cabin gathering, in 1985!  I also found it rather disturbing that I am still 2 years older than Jennifer.  I'm not sure I like the direction this is heading.

The go-karts came in handy for running down to the gate and back, to let people in, and transporting people between the cabins.

I think everybody was happy that Peggy could come.  She had not been up there in many years.

Diana and Bill came all the way from Arizona!

Jennifer and Kristin came drove almost 4 hours to attend.  I hope they ate enough to make it worth the drive!

I took a few several group shots.  This is one of the best ones.  You can see a full-size version of this photo by clicking on it. 

Then Dan took one with me in it.  You can see a full-size version of this photo by clicking on it.

Jennifer walked her Grandmother out to the car.

Roger joined Jennifer in helping Peggy to the car.  Peggy seemed to really enjoy seeing everybody.

A happy smile, after a humiliating badminton defeat to the older generation.  It seems strange that I am a member of that "older" generation, even though I'm only 2 years older than Jennifer.

Once again, the "formerly younger, now middle generation" gave another attempt at badminton. 

Roger, having graduated from the "middle" to the "older" generation, schooled the "youngest" generation in the ways of the forest.

Declan unknowingly prepared for a snipe hunt.  I'm sure he's proud of successfully foraging a snipe out of the wilderness... or maybe not...

Judging from the smiles, I would guess that Lisa & Scott won their badminton tournament, thereby "saving face" for their generation!

Leah arrived in time to be chauffeured in a go-kart, by Chloe. 

A long time ago, John was too young to ride the mini-bike.  He told me how much he had wanted to ride it, way back when.  Well, he's old enough now!  He really had a blast!

Meanwhile, at the Brattain compound, people ate and drank, just like at the Howe compound.


Sunday morning, we made more pancakes than we could count.  We went through an entire Costco-sized bag of Krusteaz.  I made most of them, but Kevin & Orlando made some so I could take more pictures.  I never got to eat any!

Overall, everybody seemed to enjoy the weekend.  I hope you all had a blast!  I also hope we don't wait 27 years for the next one!


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The Guest Book So Far

Name Email Comments Timestamp
Tom tom@theguidancegroup.com It was great seeing everybody again. I hope we can have another fun gathering in less than 27 years! 7/15/2012 3:05:59 AM
Larry and Brooke lestar@clearwire,net Thank you for the gathering and the picture proof of a great time. 7/15/2012 9:19:27 AM
Rick Brattain rdbrat@gmail.com Gee, everyone only looked 26 years older so I guess that's a good thing. We arrived 10PM Saturday night but still had lots of fun seeing any and all who were still around. 7/15/2012 4:49:32 PM
Dan Rosen drone@clearwire.net We had a kick! Michael thought the gocarts were "awesome"! Next time we need to camp! (Well maybe Lynn will have something to say about that - grin.) 7/15/2012 9:08:45 PM
Terry and Becky Lomax lomaxtribe@gmail.com Great pictures! And Great Fun! Thanks for making this happen! I posted a few more pics on facebook, too. 7/16/2012 1:11:20 PM
Karen Brattain-Metzger bkkandt@comcast.net What a SUPER time we had with everyone! It was so beautiful too! Thank you so much for the great memories! I do hope we will do it again... Love to all! 7/17/2012 1:36:39 AM
Jennifer (Ashley) Howe southwick@gorge.net Tom thanks again for organizing this. It was so wonderful. Everything was exactly the same as I remember and yet so different. I loved showing my kids what it was like way back when I was their age. It was a little disturbing to realize I am older than my dad was the last Pow Wow. It was wonderful and I hope we can do it again! 7/17/2012 10:21:54 AM
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